Duwap Kaine “Glad”

By Emmanuel

Don’t get mad

Baby Genius

Duwap Kaine just dropped off another self produced bubblegum-trap cut titled “Glad” and its one of his best yet. At this point it is evident that Duwap is going to be a serious problem in a few years. Listen to the young prodigy below.





Drayco McCoy “8 Ton Gorilla”

By Emmanuel 

One big ass monkey 


Indiana’s Drayco McCoy has not been letting up on the releases as of late and today we get another devastating banger from him titled “8 Ton Gorilla”. The beat is so distorted and monstrous it is not a surprise he felt the need to title the song this. Listen below.

Brockhampton “Swamp”

By Emmanuel 

Back to the block


Brockhampton is one of the most exciting rap groups out today and they continue to not disappoint after their breakthrough album Saturation, with hard following tracks like “Gummy” and now “Swamp”. The video finds the group back on the same block they shoot all of their videos while some members play cops and the other robbers, along with a bunch of other scenes that dont really make sense for the song but it knocks none the less. Listen below.

D Savage Does First Full Interview With Say Cheese Explains Joey Fatts Fallout

By Emmanuel

D Savage Is No Longer Cutthroat


D Savage is pretty reclusive so getting a full 10 min interview with him is very rare. Of course it comes from Say Cheese who gets all the viral underground people on cam having just done Tay-K’s first ever interview from jail. In this exclusive Say Cheese and D Savage dig into his fallout with Joey Fatts something I did not even know had happened. Apparently it had to with D Savage’s case. Watch the interview below.