The Hottest Songs Out 2/8/2020

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles


EA Sports Bowl at Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest

Lil Wayne “Harden”

Tory Lanez ft Fivio Foreign “K Lo K”

Key Glock “Word On The Street”

Young Nudy “No Go”

Kenny Beats & Denzel Curry “Cosmic”

Pop Smoke ft Lil Tjay “Mannequin”

Lil Gotit “Bet Up”

Russ ft Rick Ross “Guess What”

Lil Wayne “Wayne’s World”


Artist Feature: CDZ!

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Shoutout to Nigil


I opened my email to find another submission from a mysterious man named Nigil Blue asking me to post an artist named CDZ!. I quickly hopped over to Apple Music and checked out the kids work and was pleasantly surprised that I liked so many of the mans records. CDZ! has lots of potential and you can tell that he has been working on his craft for a long whole now. He clearly has an appreciation for lyricism but does not let it stop him from vibing out with the melodies when he wants.


I went back to his debut album, 2018’s Atlantis and quickly took a liking to to his slow, molasses like approach to traditional hip hop. An album title like Atlantis makes sense due to the fact that his music sounds like your walking underwater. I would compare his sound to artists like early Lucki , Saba, and Drake. Standouts for me include “Big Talk” , “Out The Loop”, and “Now You Feel A Way” from Atlantis. And his new single “Lucky 7”. Peep CDZ! below.

Duwap Kaine “DO”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Kaine got one


Duwap Kaine just dropped his best song since “Flyin” and it is a banger in the name of “DO”. Duwap asked for 10k comments on the Instagram snippet of the song and his fans earned the release this morning. “Do” is a hauntingly ethereal banger reminiscent of Back From The Dead 2 Chief Keef production, but with Duwap’s signature auto tuned raps and off kilter flow. Duwap Kaine is only 16 and just keeps getting better. Peep the video below.


Underatted: Sahbabii

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

More Than a Thug Copy


Sahbabii was one of the first artist I wrote about on here and when he first came onto my radar I found it hard to post him because of the similarity he held to fellow Atlanta artist and god Young Thug. His breakout single “Pill Up Wit A Stick” sounds so much like a Young Thug song I found my self writing “the kids accept clones as new artists”.

I still believe that but upon listening to more of his music and paying close attention to his career, I saw that I was wrong about Sah and that the heavy R&B influence in his music is what set him apart from his contemporaries. Sah takes from a specific Thug pocket found on songs like “Hey I” and “No Way” from Slime Season 2 and 1 respectively. He dives into this pocket on songs like “Titonooba” and “Cracks and Crevices” on SANDAS and goes full croon on records like “Watery” and “7 Squids” featuring R.Kelly.

I have patently waiting for more Sahbabi music but it seems to be at a fierce halt. In an Interview with Complex earlier this year Sahbabii said that his next album Wolverine would be his last. I don’t really understand why and from reading the interview it seems as though Sahbabii just wants to be a regular person who can watch Naruto and chill all day. I personally think that’s dumb and he should get back in the stu. But artists these days are more manic and sporadic than ever so lets just hope we get Wolverine before I die and stop sleeping on Sahbabii.

The Hottest Songs Out 12/27/2019

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles



SuicideBoys “Fuck Your Culture”

SOBXRBE “Pass The Mic”

Currensy ft MadeinTYO “Nautica”

Young Thug ft Travis Scott “Hop Off a Jet”

Roddy Rich “The Box”

Jackboys ft Pop Smoke and Travis Scott “GATTI”

G Herbo “I Want It”

Vince Staples “Hell Bound” 

Young Thug ft Gunna “Diamonds”

Why Do People Like NLE Choppa?

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

I just dont get it 


Honestly I don’t understand how NLE Choppa became one of the premier young artists. Generic name+generic flows+generic auto tuned tracks+ generic street cuts = instant success? I think its a damn shame. As much as I try and do conform to the way the new generation of music works and how rappers get popping now it seems as though kids just like anything and anyone. Lets take a look at his hit record “Shotta Flow”. I beg for someone to point out to me something that was not done or said by a rapper in that song or video in the 6 months prior. You can’t cause the song and video look and sound like they came out of a ABC Rapper vending machine.

There so much dope talent in Memphis but NLE Choppa is the one who gets a Post Malone song? Him? This copy and paste ass nigga? I feel the same way about artist like Jay Da Youngan, Youngeen Ace, Yung Blue, OMB Peezy, and so many other fake NBA YoungBoy’s of which Choppa is another. All of these artists are doo-doo caca and if you like them you probably listen to Maroon 5 by choice.

Underrated: Silkmoney

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Loser rap at its finest


Silkmoney was one of the main voices of Richmond, Virgnia rap group Divine Council. It seems as though the group has dissipated and members ICYTWAT, Cyrax, Lord Linco and, Silkmoney have gone there separate ways. While I was heavily listening to Divine Council I instantly recognized Silk as the lyricist of the clique. Silk was the only member of the Council even considered for the voting of the XXL freshman for 2016-17 making his solo star rise even more.

Since the time of records like “Dick In the Dope” Silk has dropped two very quality solo projects the second of which just came out the other day, prompting me to write this piece. This man is one of the only people in the younger generation of rap that I feel like can compete bar for bar with the lyrical front runners of the generation of rap like J.I.D, Griselda and Roc Marciano. Not only are his bars and flow elite, the content is consistently hilarious and easy to relate to. Songs with references to Ben 10, Finding Nemo, anime, weed, sex and jerking off too much make up Silkmoney’s catalog and he delivers these bars with the lyrical dexterity and confidence of one of the best bar for bar rappers out right now. His newest tape finds him heavily influenced by artists like Roc Marciano and Griselda while still keeping the bombastic and 808 heavy sound that he and the council were known for. Also look for some more conscious content here as he touches on the value of the black dollar and the plight of the black man in America Mj I. Peep his two projects below and stop sleeping on Silkmoney.

The Hottest Songs Out 12/8/2019

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles



XXXTENTACION ft Rick Ross “I Changed Her Life”

The Kid Laroi “Let Her Go”

Roddy Ricch ft TY Dolla $ign”Bacc Seat”

Wiki ft Princess Nokia “Dame Aqui”

Babyface Ray “Still Gone Bust A Band”

Smino “Trina”

Baby Keem “Bullies”

French Montana ft Kodak Black & Kevin Gates “Lifestyle”

XXXTENTACION ft Trippie Redd and PNB Rock “bad vibes forever”