Maxo Kream “BUSSDOWN”

By Emmanuel 

My wrist its bussdown 

Maxo Kream

Houston spitter Maxo Kream comes through today with a west coast bounce flavored track entitled “Bussdown”. The bouncy springy beat is a surprisingly perfect template for Maxo’s grizzly down south flow. Listen below.


Maxo Kream “5200”

By Emmanuel 

Maxo schools us in the many ways to finesse 


Maxo seemed to have been inspired by so many great albums dropping to day he decided to throw some music out for the people as well. His new track “5200” finds Maxo’s unique flow describing different ways to secure the bag illegally. Listen below.


Artist Feature: Tay-K47

by Emmanuel

Free Tay-K47


Tay-K is another Soundcloud phenom that just fiercely made his way into my Soundcloud likes. 17 year old Tay hails from Dallas, and his music content consists of 99% ignorant gun talk. But no mumbling to be heard here as he speaks very clearly and bluntly about his violent lifestyle. One of my favorite songs from him being the “Boyz In Da Hood” sampling “I ❤ My Choppa”. It also appears that Tay is very much about that life as he is in jail right now and under investigation for a murder. While it seems as though he might not get out, some standouts from his catalogue for me are “The Race”, “Lemonade”, “Saran Pack”, and “Gotta Blast” ft Diego Money. Listen below and free bro.