Smokepurpp “Count Dis Money Doe”

By Emmanuel

Purpp drops some new heat


Smokepurpp has shown himself to be one of the leaders of this new generation of rappers and today he drops a banger titled “Count Dis Money Doe”. Apparently Purpp has been doing a lot of money counting as his profile rises even more. Listen below.



Smokepurpp ft Juicy J “Streets Love Me”

By Emmanuel

Banger Alert


Smokepurpp comes through this evening with a rambunctious banger featuring none other than Memphis don Juicy J. Purpp and Juicy combine for a slapper over a beat that sounds like a traffic jam. Shit is hard, listen below.




Smokepurpp “Woah” Video

by mannygotbricks

I Feel Like John Cena


Purpp has been enjoying tons of success as of late after recently signing to Alamo Records. His new album Deadstar is on the way led by the TM88 produced single “Woah” and the accompanying video that just dropped. The visual shows Smokepurpp clad in fur amongst women and his homies making it rain endlessly. Watch below.

Smokepurpp “Glock Inside My Benz” (Snippet)

by mannygotbricks

Lil Water


Smokepurpp is officially taking off as he is now getting beats from monster names like TM88 after signing to Alamo Records. Today he announced on twitter that in addition to yesterdays “Woah” he is dropping a whole tape with TM88. Along with the announcement he teased a song titled “Glock In My Benz”. Watch below.

Smokepurpp “Woah” (prod by TM88)

by mannygotbricks

Future Swag 


You might be aware that Smokepurpp has just signed a fairly large deal with Todd Moscowitz and Alamo Records. Moscowitz co-founded 300 with Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles, but with Lyor now at the helm of Youtube Music, Moscowitz has started his own shop and has decided to choose Smokepurpp as one of his premier artists. “Woah” is an auto-tuned drenched banger and akin to a Future joint, but knocks nonetheless. Keep a lookout for Purpp’s debut album Deadstar to drop in 2017.Listen below