Artist Feature: 03 Greedo

By Emmanuel 

Pain Into Passion


03 Greedo is one of the newest rising acts t come out of the west coast and his Cali spin on Future-esque melodies is a refreshing and unheard sound. Greedo hails from the hard streets of Watts and all of the struggles he experienced as a Grape Street Crip profusely bleed through in his music. In my opinion Greedo makes some of the most vulnerable street music in today’s landscape. In terms of content he paints pictures of the negative side of the street life similar to acts like Meek Mill or G Herbo, but sonically he uses many vocal effects to craft his Future like crooning over distinctly bouncy west coast production. The combo is fire. Get to know Greedo in his Nu Jumper interview below.

Standout tracks for me right now are the undeniable “Never Bend”, and “Run For Yo Life”. Peep these tracks and the rest of his catalog below.







Artist Feature: Trippie Redd

by Emmanuel

Could be next to blow 


Canton, Ohio’s Trippie Redd is my newest Soundcloud discovery and is brimming with potential. You will notice right off the bat that he has abandoned many of the regular rapper tropes as the majority of his music has to do with heartbreak, and dealing with emotions. Despite having many rap records some even being displays of traditional rap skill over boom bap production.

Trippie shines hardest on the tracks where he is crooning with slight auto tune and his signature cracked, strained vocals, most likely the reason for many of his tracks having the R&B and Soul hashtag. Standouts for me are “Oowee/Thots”, “Chair Falling”, “Romeo and Juliet” among many others. Give Trippie Redd a listen below.

Artist Feature: Mathaius Young

by Emmanuel

Indy got heat’


Mathiaus Young is another up and comer from Indianapolis who often runs with Drayco McCoy. In an interview with the Chicago Sleeperz Podcast Drayco mentioned that he had a clique of friends in Indy who all had great solo music. After taking a listen to Mathiaus Young’s  music I can say I agree at least when it comes to him. He recently got his first big solo placement with HNHH posting his most recent mixtape Take The Night Away. Mathius has a much more chilled and relaxed vibe as opposed to Drayco as you can hear a lot of R&B influence and introspective content in his music. But make no mistake he can t’up with the rowdiest of them. Standouts for me are “Fuck” ft Draycco McCoy, “Wassup”, and “It’s All Over” Take a listen to Mathiaius Young below.

Artist Feature: Kur

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Philly is goin crazy rn


Shoutout the good people at Complex who just put me on to the young dragon from Philly known as Kur. The 20 year old MC has received a cosign from current Philadelphia champ Meek Mill and grew up listen to east coast staples like State Property, and Jadakiss. His fiery aggressive flow is filled with the grit and grime those artist filled their music with. Kur’s music ranges from introspective thoughtful street stories to grimy hood bangers and while he has been vocal about favoring his softer music I prefer high energy (preferably anger) in mine. Standouts from his catalogue for me are “Stuck In My Ways”,

“Uptop!, Uptop!, Havoc, and “I Dont Give a Fuck” featuring a very humble pre-fame Lil Uzi Vert.

Take a listen to Kur below, this nigga is amazing.

Artist Feature: IshDARR

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Straight Outta Milwaukee 


Milwaukee’s Ishdarr has mountains of potential. I was recently put on to the mid-west spitter and after flipping through his visuals and Souncloud have come to the conclusion that he is fye. It took me a while to warm up to him as it is easy to see he has been inspired heavily by movements like TDE. Expect lots of speedy flows and lyricism and traditional sampling from IshDARR. Despite this fact his music is still very good. Standouts for me are Locals, and Rememeber. Watch and Listen below.

Artist Feature: T.Y.E


Its time you all knew about 22 year old Dallas spitter T.Y.E. After attending Abilene Christian University on an opera singing scholarship he was forced to leave for his supposed untreated bi-polar disorder.

This part of his personality comes through in his music as many of his tracks go from him belting in an opera like voice to rapid fire raps. and vice versa. Peep the unusual video above. This is not all T.Y.E has in his arsenal as he has shown the ability to spit lyrical miracles on records like “Eternity

And the ability to turn all the way up and be mindless and fun on records like “Gwap” and “La La Land”

Keep up with T.Y.E on TwitterInstagram and the YouTube channel the drops all of his videos DanceDailey

Artist Feature: Rarri


Take a listen to the catalogue of Columbus Ohio’s Rarri. After watching “What They Seem” and “2outh2id3” I decided he has lot of potential.

He somehow channels classic Chief Keef on the latter track and seems to be well connected with all of the cameos from high profile underground artists in the “What They Seem” video. Check him out below.

Artist Feature: Drayco McCoy

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Drayco McCoy

Indianapolis’s Drayco McCoy is one of my newest discoveries. I found out about him through the underground rap podcast Chicago Sleepers.

Throughout the interview you learn that Drayco’s is a pretty regular person and very humble even after opening up for Bibby and Herbo at the Metro. At one point he claims that he does not really know how to rap yet a statement I disagree with after listening to his music. His music is very dark and clearly comes from someone who is angry. He definitely has a better grasp of flow and cadence than the majority of Soundcloud rappers. Something in particular that I really like about him is his tendency to scream the ad-libs behind his speedy flows similar to xxxtentacion. Standouts for me from his extensive 85 track catalogue are “Migraine”, “Head First”, and  “Im In Love With Fuck Shit”. Flip through Drayco’s catalogue below.

Artist Feature: Swoosh God

by ethagod

Vlone Money Team

Swoosh God.jpg

Swoosh God is a young boy under the wings of the ever present Vlone/A$AP name. He along with Smooky Margielaa are two of the most promising new talents to be promoted y Rocky, Bari, and co. While surfing through his Soundcloud and Youtube it’s interesting to see he has gotten beats from very big names like Cardo, speaking to his good ear for beats and the potential people in the indutsry see in him. His most popular song has got to be “2 Door” a melodic cut heavily played on Bari’s IG a well as “Blow A Case” which gained popularity from Nigel Sylvester’s “Go” BMX video series. Look for Swoosh God to make plenty of noise in 2017.