Underrated: RetcH

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hottest Out Of Jersey

Retchy P.jpg

Many probably know RetcH as the creator of the loud challenge, or the right hand man to A$AP affiliate DasH. These two came in the game together around 2013 and it looked like they were poised to breakthrough as a duo. But as time passed RetcH got into trouble with the law and almost lost his entire life to prison. Apparently their breakup had something to do with people who snitched during that whole ordeal, that I am not so sure of. But as separate rap entities I have been favoring Retch as of late and constantly wonder why he does not get more shine than he does. To me RetcH can do everything a high level rapper needs to in today’s climate. Melody, traditional bars, and hard ass beat selection are all apart of RetcH’s arsenal and he uses these weapons with pretty high accuracy. Last years “After The Verdict” a tape celebrating him beating that case was one of the best displays of lyricism by any rapper.(Yes I am saying he raps as good as Pusha T). But RetcH is never one to box himself in as his recent tape with underground Jersey rapper Gu Mitch “GuwiiMoney” is full of high energy bops and speedy flows not concerned with metaphors and similes. Listen to “High End” then “Habits” and try to tell me this nigga is not sick and deserves more shine in the mainstream. I say yes. Fastmoney 4L.


If You Don’t Sound Like Young Thug Your Trash

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Imitate Excellence


Three days out from the release of Thugs new album “So Much Fun” I find myself thinking about his influence and clear imprint on the hip hop game. Thug to me is the best example of how having massive influence is almost a trade off for massive popularity. In my opinion you almost have to have some type of underdog element to your craft, in order to create a fan base that values your art above even the most highly marketed and funded artists. Look at Wiz and Curren$y. While Wiz’s mainstream popularity and songs like “See You Again” have his name in the brains of Mom’s all across the world, way more people want to actually rap like Spitta, and you can trace the lineage of “mumble rap” almost directly from Silk The Shocker and Curren$y. Artistic influence is not something that can be bought or smashed into peoples faces. It’s something intrinsically inside an artist that connects to the hearts of the listener and makes them want to become them. Look at how many rappers sound just like Thug with a twist and are popping as fuck. Gunna, Lil Baby, SahBabii, Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, and a sea of other lil’s and young’s that crack and strangle their voices like Jefferey. In closing Thug is a G.O.A.T and if you don’t sound like Thug in 2019 your probably trash and never gonna make it. Slatt.

DJ Akademiks: Why Do We Care?

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Seriously Though?


Why do people care about DJ Akademiks opinion so much? He is a super Drake stan who thinks that The Carter 3 is not a classic, everything he says should be thrown out of the window. Why does the Internet listen to someone so emotional and biased he can’t stand when any rapper says anything bad about him, the biggest examples being his recent beefs with D.Savage and Yung Bans. No journalist should be anticipating and hoping for an artist to “flop” or not have success. This is the main reason no one should give a fuck about DJ Akademiks opinion, the fact that he cares about numbers and first week sales so much is nonsense. Lets refer back to the Yung Bans situation. Yung Bans album “Misunderstood” sells like 10K and Ak is so excited to rip him on Everyday Struggle. But, if you listen to that fire ass album the last thing you should care about is how much it sold. High quality music and low initial sales almost always leads to a die hard fanbase and longevity in the music industry. Longevity and fans that really care about their individual music and lifestyle is what every artist should be looking for especially in today’s microwave time, not trying to sell or stream as much as A Boogie. He will rip someone like Yung Bans for not selling a lot then contradict himself and agree when Wayno or Nadeska bring up classic artists that don’t sell huge but are still around and relevant. Some quick examples are Curren$y, Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs, Danny Brown among plenty others. In closing DJ Akademiks is dumb and fat.

Top 50 MC’s of All Time

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

All Facts No Fiction

  1. Cam’ron
  2. Twista
  3. Johnny P
  4. Juelz Santana
  5. JR. Writer
  6. Wiz Khalifa
  7. Curren$y
  8. Chief Keef
  9. G Herbo
  10. Lil Bibby
  11. Joe Budden
  12. Joe Budden
  13. Tyga
  14. Gudda Gudda
  15. Kanye West*
  16. Kendrick Lamar
  17. Drake*
  18. Rico Reckless
  19. Rondonumbanine
  20. P. Rico
  21. Sicko Mobb
  22. Lil Jay
  23. FBG Duck
  24. Nick Cannon
  25. Belo from Do or Die
  26. Immortal Technique
  27. Eminem
  28. Tsu Surf
  29. Aye Verb
  30. Loaded Lux
  31. Murda Mook
  32. Polo G
  33. Calboy
  34. Chance the Rapper loves his wife
  35. Lil Durk
  36. Common
  37. Fredo Santana
  38. Royce Da 5’9
  39. Sean Price
  40. Crooked I
  41. Daylyt
  42. Shyne
  43. Pop Smoke
  44. Swoosh God
  45. A Boogie
  46. Smooky Margielaa
  47. Dream Doll
  48. Cuban Doll
  49. Asian Da Brat
  50. Meghan Thee Stallion

The Hottest Songs Out 8/5/2019

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

On God


Retch and Gu Mitch “India”

Lil Durk ft Meek Mill “Bougie”

TME Nana, Vendetta, and Jay Critch “Scenery”

Trippie Redd ft Lil Duke and Lil Baby “Mac 10”

Yung Bans ft 03 Greedo and XXXTENTACION “Ready Set Go”

D. Savage “Everyday”

Maxo Kream “Bissonnet”

Rick Ross ft Drake “Gold Roses”

Drake “Girls Love Beyonce”

YNW Melly “Dangerously In Love”

Benny The Butcher ft 38 Spesh and Jadakiss “Sunday School”



Album Review: Chance The Rapper “The Big Day”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Not it (for me at least)


I am a 24 year old black man from Chicago who grew up listening to Chance The Rapper. So there is absolutely  no bias when I say that “The Big Day” is not it. This album sounds like Disney and Nick Jr had a kid. This album sounds like the Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer made it. This album sounds like wearing 10 condoms during sex. This album sounds like the safest, most clean, most I’m in love and everything is beautiful ass shit ever and I don’t rock with it. The only songs I run back are “Handsome” and “Big Fish”, everything else if for aunties and 14 year olds. Is there a problem making an album like this? No. Are there high quality raps and beats? Yes.(Too much house shit tho) Do I miss the Chance that I met at Lollapalooza 2011, clearly fucked up on some type of psychedelic drug and a square in his mouth, Yes. Bring back fucked up Chance. At least musically.

Pierre Bourne “The Life Of Pierre 4”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

On repeat after repeat after repeat


Super-producer Pierre Bourne just dropped the fourth installment of his project series The Life of Pierre and its a refreshing listen in today’s copy and past climate. Pierre has his own distinct sound that cannot be boxed in. TLOP 4 has some of the best production and auto tune combinations that you will hear in 2019. Standouts for me are “Be Mine”, “Doublemint”, “Horoscopes”, and “Juice”. Listen to this crack below.


Artist Feature: Pop Smoke

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Street Music To Dance To

Pop SMoke.jpg

Pop Smoke is one of the newest young artists bubbling out of New York right with a distinct new style. Upon first listen of “Welcome to The Party” the hyper aggressive content contrasts drastically to the extra bouncy grime type beat. The instrumentals Pop Smoke raps over is a big part of his style as I have not heard any American rapper hop on a beat that could be on an AJ Tracey album. When I first heard “Meet The Woo” and “Welcome to The Party” his two biggest records I couldn’t help but hear Stormzy’s “Too Big For Your Boots” chorus over the beat and I’m sure you will too. Listen to the hottest kid in the New York underground below and make sure your Blicky Twirl is correct.


Denzel Curry “SPEEDBOAT”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The biggest raider


Denzel Curry is back at it again with another heater of a single ahead of his new album ZUU . “Speedboat” is a piano led banger with plenty bass. I think of this as the sonic successor to “Clout Cobain” only in the sound and arrangement not necessarily the content.  Listen to the single below.