The Hottest Songs Out 9/30/2019

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Wiz Khalifa “Really and Truly”

Post Malone ft Da Baby “Enemies”

Jackboy ft Ugly God “City Boy”

Saint JHN “94 Bentley”

Lil Tecca “Amigo”

IDK “24”

Baby Keem “Orange Soda”

Da Baby ft Kevin Gates “POP STAR”

Young M.A “Big” 


Wiz Khalifa Is On A Roll

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

See what I did there? 

Classic Wiz.jpg

I don’t know if anyone else is noticing the absolute crack Wiz Khalifa has been dropping. It seems as though he is returning to what made him popular in the first place linking with producers like Sledgren and re-instating his initial catch-phrase “Okaaaayyyy!”. The hottest of the loosies has to be “Really and Truly” but peep all of this vintage Khalifa Man on his Soundcloud below.

Baby Keem “Orange Soda”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

This record could blow

Baby Keem

ASAP Bari’s Instagram put me on to this song and I have been playing it so much I really see it going somewhere when the masses wake up. I don’t know where Bay Keem is from but this song is fire as fuck. His other music is a bit underwhelming in my opinion reminds me a bit of Comethazine crossed with some Khalid type records, I honestly don’t know about his career as a whole but “Orange Soda” could be his ticket to the bag. Peep the record below.

Can Snitch9 Return?

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

These Kids Don’t Care About Anything


I only care about music and I feel the same goes for almost all of 69’s teenage white fans. This age’s music listeners could give two fucks about who is the toughest or is holding it down for the gang. As much as I respect and love Bobby Shmurdah for splitting that time with Rowdy the majority of listeners today will not care, and if his music upon release does not hit for them, it wont matter how “real” he is. While I think that snitching is wack for the most part I never believed Tekashi was a real gangster. He was very clearly a lick for Shotti and the rest of those real Bloods, but their viral antagonist strategy backfired on them. But when he was out and poppin, I was an avid listener. Despite what anyone says, Tekashi 69 has quality records that I believe will always have an important place in hip hop and will surely influence future generations. I say this and compare it to the musical transition of rock n roll throughout the years. Just as many people have been influenced by Nu-Metal and Pop Punk in the early 2000’s as were inspired by classic rock legends like The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, etc… No rock fan would say that Sum 41 and Blink 182 was a flash in the pan that ended up not mattering in the end. I feel the same about artists like Tekashi. No one will ever forget the time in hip hop where the uniform was colored hair and face tats, and Tekashi will be one of the most remembered artists from this generation.

Underrated: KEY!

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hardest


KEY! has been documented as being one of the biggest movers and shakers in the Atlanta hip hop scene. I feel like his accomplishments with other rappers who blew up so big like 21 Savage, TWO-9, OG Maco, Father, Makonnen, and Post Malone overshadow his music. “777” was one of the best projects of last year and unlike many projects from new era rappers has stood the test of time. (having a project last a whole year is in today’s era is the test of time now) To me KEY! is the highest level “catch a vibe” rapper of the new class. All of the new rap music is based on the vibe the artists and producer create. KEY! and Kenny Beats did that on a level that no artist of this new wave has done. One of the biggest knocks against today’s rap is that it lacks substance and technical rap skill. Everyone is just crooning with auto tune or rapping super fast. But what old niggas do not understand is that music about money, drugs, lust and violence is often the best music, and Key! proves that again and again with songs like Kelly Price Freestyle,

Miami Too Much

and a plethora of other bangers. I write this because his views and overall numbers don’t match up to the immense talent he clearly has. Artist like Key, D Savage, and Yung Bans, prove that views and stats does not correlate at all to talent level. “KEY! is one of the most underrated goats but I am sure his time will come. Stream his most recent release “So Emotional” below.

Underrated: D Savage

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Not your average Soundcloud kid


D Savage first exploded on the scene with the likes of Uno The Activist, Thouxanbanfauni, and Playboi Carti in the great Soundcloud Revolution of 2016. He then linked with Long Beach staple Joey Fatts and his Cutthroat Records imprint and it seemed that they were poised to rise even higher as a collective. But friction between D Savage and both those parties caused him to stop collaborating with those artists and go out on his own. His internet rep then took a massive hit after a beef with Akademics who commanded his chat niggas to hate D Savage for his own personal and petty reasons. I personally feel that this is a shame because D Savages music is far and above most kids hopping on a mic with auto tune. As soon as I heard “Tendencies” I knew D Savage had something special and his music since then has confirmed that for me. Despite his massive drop in numbers D Savage is putting out the best music he ever has specifically records like “WYTD” and “Racks On Me”. I am sure that D Savage will end up in a great place at the end of the day because even in the super hypebeast, everything viral, clout chasing generation, good music will always rise and find a home. Go stream his new tape Trust No One on all platforms now.

The Eternal Wait for Eternal Atake

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Will It Deliver?


As I sit at my 9 to 5 job surrounded by goofies, I find myself thinking about one of the most anticipated albums for the past two years, that album being Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake. 


The label turmoil between him Atlantic, and Generation Now has been well documented on the web and it has had fans in a state of constant salivation for new Uzi music. At one point we thought DJ Drama and Don Cannon were the issue,

Dj Drama uzi drama

then Drama says Uzi can release at any time, then Uzi says its coming in two weeks, then he says he doesn’t know. At this point I pretty much want to slap Uzi and steal his hard drives. Or slap some random engineer. I just wanna slap someone for Uzi music.


When albums like this take a while to drop it makes me start to worry, mainly because I know how artists brains work and when you sit on a project too long you start second guessing records that you initially thought were the ones and fuck up everything. But this time in hip hop is different and its artists are different as well. The psuedo-singles “Sanguine Paradise” and “Thats A Rack”


seemed to stave off the apatite of the masses but I could clearly tell those records are throwaways from the Eternal Atake sessions.  I just want the album to be as fire as I know it can be. Uzi is top 5 rappers out right now and it would break my heart if this project we have been waiting so patiently for is poop. Uzi please don’t play with my emotions and have this shit be straight drop.

The Hottest Songs Out 8/27/2019

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hottest On Chief


Young Thug ft Juice WRLD “Mannequin Challenge”

Young Thug ft Gunna “Hot”

Young Thug Ft Gunna “Surf”

Young Thug ft Lil Baby “Bad Bad Bad”

Warhol.SS “Hooch” 

Vince Staples “So What?”

Pusha T ft Kash Doll “Sociopath”

Casanova ft Fabolous “So Brooklyn”

Danny Wolf ft Ski Mask The Slump God “Oh My Gawd”

Artist Feature: BADNEWZBOYZ

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

First submission that wasn’t boo boo


This rap group from Atlanta e-mailed me with an unreleased project and a nicely worded pitch. I took a look at their two videos, listened to the project and was pleasantly surprised at how fucking fire these two kids are. The BADNEWZBOYZ are a new duo from Atlanta with so much potential. The group consists of RIPXL and Justleek and upon listening to their unreleased tape I was pleased to hear the impeccable beat selection, laid back flows, and content not concerned too much with drugs or violence but mainly about women and supreme confidence. Their videos are also creative and look like they put considerable time and effort into them. Don’t look for lyrical miracles here, but don’t get it twisted these kids can get into their lyrical bag a bit. Peep their two videos for “How You Do That?” and “What You Mean?” below and keep and eye out for their debut project set to drop next Thursday August 29th.

Underrated: RetcH

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hottest Out Of Jersey

Retchy P.jpg

Many probably know RetcH as the creator of the loud challenge, or the right hand man to A$AP affiliate DasH. These two came in the game together around 2013 and it looked like they were poised to breakthrough as a duo. But as time passed RetcH got into trouble with the law and almost lost his entire life to prison. Apparently their breakup had something to do with people who snitched during that whole ordeal, that I am not so sure of. But as separate rap entities I have been favoring Retch as of late and constantly wonder why he does not get more shine than he does. To me RetcH can do everything a high level rapper needs to in today’s climate. Melody, traditional bars, and hard ass beat selection are all apart of RetcH’s arsenal and he uses these weapons with pretty high accuracy. Last years “After The Verdict” a tape celebrating him beating that case was one of the best displays of lyricism by any rapper.(Yes I am saying he raps as good as Pusha T). But RetcH is never one to box himself in as his recent tape with underground Jersey rapper Gu Mitch “GuwiiMoney” is full of high energy bops and speedy flows not concerned with metaphors and similes. Listen to “High End” then “Habits” and try to tell me this nigga is not sick and deserves more shine in the mainstream. I say yes. Fastmoney 4L.